Polish Olympic Committee

It was founded on 11 October 1984 as a social body of the Polish Olympic Committee and has been granted a special by-law, specific tasks and privileges. It gathers leading Polish scholars, journalists and activists. As outstanding experts in Olympism, they develop and promote this notion in the society as well as create, through their work and writing, atmosphere of a humanistic reflection over sport as an element of modern culture. Main tasks of the Polish Olympic Academy include: developing and the promotion of research on Olympism; organization of conferences, exhibitions and promotion of publications; initiating cooperation with sports federations and Olympic regional centers both at home and abroad. It performs the role of co-organizer of prestigious competitions and plebiscites such as the "Olympic Laurel", the "Kagathos Colossus" medal and competitions for the best postdoctoral and doctoral dissertations as well as master's theses related to Olympic matters. It also issues its own periodical, Almanach Olimpijski (The Olympic Almanac), which contains the best Polish works connected with the notion of Olympic sport. NOAP closely cooperates with the International Olympic Academy (lOA) and with numerous national Academies in other countries. It also organizes cooperation between young people and the IOA, systematically working with the Youth Council. It participates in the Olympic education process, which is part of the secondary and higher education system, and cooperates in the implementation of new undertakings such as running post-graduate programs (along with the Jagiellonian University in Kraków) in sports management. NOAP initiates public debates on major issues of concern to the Olympic Movement, its current state, future and potential risks.

In the years 1984-2007, the Academy was subsequently headed by: Włodzimierz Reczek, PhD (1984-1992), Prof. Wojciech Zabłocki (1992-2000) and Prof. Józef Lipiec (2000 -). The Academy was established by 25 founding members. At present, the NOAP counts 35 members who represent different centers of higher education, colleges, editorial offices and institutions. Among them are authors of the most important books devoted to sport and the Olympic culture, professors, rectors and deans, writers, laureates of the "Olympic Laurel" and the "Kalos Kagathos" medal competitions as well as Olympic athletes.

The NOAP Council

  • Lipiec Józef - Chairman
  • Zabłocki Wojciech - Honorary Chairman
  • Zuchora Krzysztof - Deputy Chairman
  • Dziubiński Zbigniew - Deputy Chairman
  • Bronikowski Michał
  • Czajkowski Zbigniew
  • Doktór Kazimierz
  • Grys Iwona
  • Hądzelek Kajetan
  • Kabsch Aleksander
  • Kałamacka Ewa
  • Kowalczyk Stanisław
  • Krasicki Szymon
  • Krawczuk Aleksander
  • Krawczyk Zbigniew
  • Lipoński Wojciech
  • Nowocień Jerzy
  • Olszański Tadeusz
  • Osiński Wiesław
  • Porada Zbigniew
  • Rotkiewicz Maria
  • Ryba Bogusław
  • Słoniewski Michał
  • Szwarc Andrzej
  • Toporowicz Kazimierz
  • Tuszyński Bogdan
  • Urban Renata
  • Ważny Zenon
  • Woltmann Bernard
  • Zdebska Halina
  • Ziółkowska Teresa
  • Żukowska Zofia

Ćwikowska Grażyna - NOAP Secretary

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