Polish Olympic Committee

The Sport and Environment Commission of the Polish Olympic Committee was established to fulfill the International Olympic Movement’s goal of popularizing sport with respect of the principles of sustainable development and the care for our common environment. It corresponds with the IOC’s aims which define the natural environment protection and the sustainable development as the third most important dimension of Olympism, apart from sport and culture.

The Sport and Environment Commission will be gathering people devoted to Olympism and ecology, supporting their actions aimed at creating conditions for an environmentally harmonious and friendly development of our civilization. For that purpose it will cooperate with the International Olympic Committee, institutions, universities, companies as well as environmental associations, it will assist their initiatives and undertakings promoting the environmental protection and the development of sport and education in this respect.

Additionally, the Sport and Environment Commission will inspire all activity aimed at securing human existence in peace among a clean and safe environment. The road to the achievement of this goal leads through the promotion of pro-ecological behaviors and the popularization of sports activity, sensitivity to beauty and respect for the common good among young people.

At the roots of Olympism, inspired by the spirit of pure sports rivalry, lay close ties between man and nature; today, in the age of dynamic industrialization, we must thrive to rebuild them together.

The main forms of popularization of environmental protection principles through sport and Olympism are:

  • organizing scientific conferences and meetings bringing closer the connections of sport with the environment and with the development of man;
  • promoting the utilization of technology and solutions friendly to the environment in the construction of sports facilities and the organization of events;
  • supporting research and publications devoted to issues of influence of Olympism and environmental ideas on the harmonious development of man and the sustainable development;
  • inspiring and supporting educational and artistic undertakings promoting environmental protection and its connections with Olympism;
  • popularizing Olympism and environmental ideas among children and the youth;
  • awarding with a Green Olympic Laurel, on an annual basis, both people and institutions who have shown merit in the promotion of Olympism and environmental protection.

Composition of the Sport and Environmental Commission:

  • Przemysław Gonera - Chairman
  • Wojciech Blecharczyk
  • Jan Błoński
  • Andrzej Gąsienica-Makowski
  • Marek Górski
  • Jan Grabkowski
  • Wojciech Gucma
  • Andrzej Jagusiewicz
  • Mariusz Klimczak
  • Mirosław Kostrzewa
  • Krzysztof Masiuk
  • Andrzej Mizgajski
  • Leszek Rochowicz
  • Antoni Szlagor
  • Sergiusz Zabawa

Iwona Łotysz - Secretary on behalf of the POC Bureau


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