Polish Olympic Committee
  • Zenon Dagiel - Chairperson
  • Grzegorz Kotowicz
  • Dariusz Abramuk
  • Jacek Bednarek
  • Arkadiusz Bęcek
  • Mieczysław Bigoszewski
  • Mariusz Daszczyński
  • Czesław Fluder
  • Blanka Isielionis Filipczuk
  • Jan Krypa
  • Dariusz Piotrowski
  • Piotr Śliwiński
  • Marian Woronin
  • Tadeusz Wróblewski
  • Robert Zaborski

Dariusz Goździak - Secretary on behalf of the POC Bureau

The activities of the POC Youth Sport and Olympic Hopes Commission are connected with the following areas:

  • Competition of obtaining Olympic Rings;
  • Eugeniusz Pietrasik Olympic Hope Prize for outstandingly talented athletes;
  • “Olympic Hopes” competitions;
  • Nation-wide Youth Olympiad.

Rules of obtaining Olympic Rings:

1. Purpose:
Purpose: increasing the interest of young people in a systematic practice of sport, promoting principles of Olympism among young people.

2. Conditions of obtaining the Olympic rings:
the System of obtaining the so-called Olympic rings is closely connected to the currently functioning sports competition system as well as the Olympic cycle and program.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Ring can be obtained in Olympic sports, whereas the 4th and the 5th only in Olympic competitions.

During one Olympic cycle, a competitor may obtain an Olympic ring only once.

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