Polish Olympic Committee

Commissions of the Polish Olympic Committee

Commissions established by the Polish Olympic Committee, are responsible for implementation of different tasks, as set out in the Statutes and policy papers.

The Commissions have been established according to recommendations and guidelines of the International Olympic Committee; their area of competence is therefore vast. Each of them acts as a specialized expert unit, ready to provide assistance to the Presidium and the Executive Board. Additionally, when required, they serve individual POC members with necessary professional opinion and advice. The commissions themselves can also submit to the Presidium and the Executive Board - through its representatives and members of the Presidium supervising their work - important, from its perspective, matters for consideration concerning the broadly defined Olympic Movement and other issues of POC’s interest.

These Commissions - carrying the great potential of the individual sport federations, Association of Polish Olympians, numerous Olympian’s Clubs and Regional Olympic Councils – constitute the real strength of the Polish Olympic Movement, gathering around the POC around half a thousand people involved in and dedicated to Olympism. Among them are representatives of both genders, various professions, people of different age and originating from different social and territorial backgrounds. This makes it possible to include in the Committee’s activities a group of people of common or similar aims who, at the same time, might have different views of achieving them. These different views reflecting different approaches to certain issues may be observed during the hot discussions taking place at the meetings of each Commission.

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